XXIO 12 Fairway Woods 2022


The remarkably lightweight, ultra-premium XXIO 12 Fairway Woods offer an exclusive suite of technologies that amplify performance for the moderate swing speed golfer.

XXIO has found large success in the Rebound Frame, consisting of four alternating layers of stiff and flexible zones that, when activated at impact, act like a spring within a spring, efficiently transferring energy to the ball for enhanced COR and ball speed. With its larger center and thinner construction, the High-Strength HT1770M Steel Cup Face works harmoniously with Rebound Frame, producing explosive distance, regardless of where you strike the ball.

In order to achieve explosive distance you need to get your ball into the air, so XXIO equips the 12 Fairway Wood with a Cannon Sole that has a floating weight pad to optimize launch while also allowing space for improved face flex.

By freeing up weight with a thinner, lighter crown, XXIO was able to reposition mass and lower the center of gravity, increasing MOI and stability for added forgiveness.

Unlike many manufacturers, XXIO engineers the entirety of their clubs, all the way down to the grips.  Proprietary Weight Plus Technology positions mass under your grip and behind your hands to help you find the ideal spot at the top of your swing for a more consistent downswing.

The stock shaft and grip are XXIO’s proprietary MP-1200 and Weight Plus respectively.

XXIO 12 Fairway Woods Feature:

  • Ultra-premium lightweight components designed for players with moderate swing speeds
  • ActivWing helps stabilize the clubhead by altering aerodynamic forces in the first half of the downswing for maximum speed and distance
  • Rebound Frame has four altering layers of stiff and flexible zones to enhance overall COR and ball speed
  • High-Strength HT1770M Steel Flat Cup Face has a larger center and thinner construction for increased ball speed and distance
  • Light Weight Step Crown shape allows for repositioned mass that lowers CG for increased MOI and forgiveness
  • Weight Plus Technology puts weight behind your hands for a more consistent downswing and increased club head speed
  • Cannon sole has a floating weight pad to help optimize trajectory
  • Stock Shaft: XXIO MP-1200
  • Stock Grip: XXIO Weight Plus (32g, 0.63” Core Size)
  • Authorized XXIO Retailer