U.S. Kids UL39-s 3 Club Training Club Carry Set ~ Grey/Pink Bag

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Ultralight clubs are engineered with lighter, more flexible shafts and the right club head weight to help the player get the ball up in the air with ease. The molded grips teach proper hand placement. Additional clubs are available to purchase or through our 6th Club Free Program.


  • Optimal Height Range: 39 in. to 42 in.
  • WT-30s model (30% lighter club heads)
  • Carry Bag
  • Pocket is available for personalization (Call customer service for information)

Clubs in this set:

  • 4 Hybrid with training grip (headcover included)
  • 7 Iron with training grip
  • Longleaf Putter

Additional clubs available:

  • DV3 Driver
  • Fairway Driver
  • 4 Hybrid
  • 7 Iron
  • Pitching Wedge
  • Sand Wedge

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