TaylorMade TRUSS TB1 Putter

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It Looks Like Nothing Else, Because it Putts Like Nothing Else

A striking hosel design engineered to increase stability in classically styled putters that look familiar at address.


A Stability Superstructure


By creating multiple contact points along with the topline, the Truss hosel design reduces the amount of unsupported mass and deflection at impact.

2020 Truss Blade Reengineered Mass Heel

Hello Old Friend


Truss putters were optically engineered to present a familiar look at address for players seeking more stability in a classic shape.

2020 Truss Blade Address Heel

Pure Roll™ Insert


The same Tour-Proven technology now in Cobalt Blue. Pure Roll inserts produce better sound and feel, while 45° grooves increase topspin to help the ball start and stay on its intended line.

2020 Truss Blade Improved Pureroll Insert Heel Glow

Personalized Feel & Performance


Adjustable sole weights allow golfers to achieve precise head weights and CG positioning.*

 * Optional weights sold separately

2020 Truss Blade Composite Carbon Sole Heel Glow

A Match Made in Stability


The KBS Stepless Stability Shaft pairs with Truss to deliver even more stability and less deflection at impact.

2020 Truss Steepless Stability Shaft

A Look That Fits Your Eye


Truss is available in four different head shapes – a blade and a mallet, both offered in heel- and center-shafted options.



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