Taylormade Milled Grind Atv Hi-Toe Wedge

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Taylormade Milled Grind ATV Hi-Toe Wedge

Designed for Incredible Greenside Shotmaking

Get the most out of your short game. TaylorMades new HI-TOE wedge features full-face scoring lines and an expanded toe area to deliver high-spin performance across the entire face. The HI-TOE wedge offers incredibly versatile performance around the green. With a high-bounce leading edge and enhanced heel and toe relief, HI-TOE has been engineered to perform on chips, pitches, flop shots, bump-and-runs, and difficult lies.

Features and Benefits

  • ULTRALITE shafts and Speed Pocket Technology work collectively to increase launch and ball speed, resulting in more carry with maximum distance.
  • Each club features an individually optimized weight, length, loft, and design for proper gapping between clubs.
  • Low, deep center of gravity makes it easier to get the ball in the air.



Club Bounce Loft Length Lie Hand Swing Weight Material Groove
 Hi-Toe Wedge  ATV  58°  35"  64°  R/L  D5  8620 Carbon Steel  ZTP-17
 Hi-Toe Wedge  ATV  60°  35"  64°  R/L  D5  8620 Carbon Steel  ZTP-17
 Hi-Toe Wedge  ATV  64°  35"  64°  RH  D5  8620 Carbon Steel  ZTP-17