2017 Miura CB-2008 Iron Set NEW -5 to PW

$ 1700

Miura CB-2008 Iron Set

Miura introduces the new Miura Giken CB-2008 iron as of of their line up this year as a renewal of its previous model, the CB-2000 Irons.

The new CB-2008 has some new features while still carrying the great quality of Miura Giken's WDD Accurate.

  • Material: Premium (S25C) Soft Carbon Steel / SUS
  • Finish: Satin Chrome
  • Desterity: Right only
  • Set Makeup: 5 to PW

KBS Tour 90 Steel Shaft

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Miura's CB-2008 (5-PW; $339 per club) could be the most intriguing iron in the lineup. The multi-material model features the widest sole (20mm on the 7-iron) of any MG Collection iron and is designed to offer more distance and forgiveness in a slightly larger profile.


The long- and mid-irons (5-8) begin as a single billet of carbon steel that's forged into the body of the club head. To boost ball speeds and overall performance, a 4mm forged face is welded to the front of the iron with a SUS composite pocket cavity-back. The unique design allows the pocket cavity to perform consistently throughout the entire set without sacrificing feel.

"The CB 2008 epitomizes how advancements in technology can be delivered to golfers of all skill levels," said Holowaty. "The midsize clubhead combines a soft carbon forged face and neck with a composite, pocket cavity-back. This design allows for a wider sole, lower center of gravity, larger sweet spot and more forgiveness."

The 9-iron and pitching wedge are one-piece, forged construction. All of the irons boast a deep center of gravity position that helps maintain consistent ball speeds while improving launch at the same time.