U.S. Kids 2016 Ultralight Junior Sets

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U.S. Kids 2016 Ultralight Junior Sets

Sets And Sizes For Golfers Of All Ages!

U.S. Kids 2016 Ultralight Junior golf club sets are perfect for young golfers of all ages and ability levels. Each set is perfectly weighted and cut to the proper length to ensure the best performance. Instead of being fit by age, U.S. Kids uses a fitting system based on the golfer's height to better match their swing. Not all kids the same age are the same height, so length plays a big role in the proper way to swing a club. See the video below to get the proper fit for your youth golfer.

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U.S. Kids 2016 Ultralight Junior Sets features:

  • Foolproof set sizing by player height and/or age:
    • Grey/Red or Silver/Pink designed for Player height- 37.5"-40.5" | Ages 3-5
    • Grey/Yellow or Silver/Pink designed for Player height 40.5"-43.5" | Ages 4-6
    • Grey/Blue or Pink/White designed for Player height- 43.5"-46.5" | Ages 5-7
    • Grey/Blue or Pink/Black designed for Player height- 46.5"-49.5" | Ages 6-8
    • Grey/Orange or Black/White designed for Player height- 49.5"-52.5" | Ages 7-9
    • Grey/Purple designed for Player height- 52.5"-55.5" | Ages 8-10
    • Grey/Green designed for Player height- 55.5"-58.5" | Ages 9-11
    • Grey/Maroon designed for Player height- 58.5"-61.5" | Ages 10-12
    • Grey/Gold designed for Player height-61.5” and up | Ages 12+
  • Woods designed for improved performance
  • Irons feature increased toe and heel weighting for more forgiveness
  • Sand wedge features a progressive sole grind for better turf interaction
  • Classic-style Jekyll putter